Eamonn Knights began studying Karate as a teenager in Guyana, South America, and received his Shodan (1st black belt) in 1994. He was born into a West Indian family in London, England. He was first introduced to the world of classical music as a young child, playing the piano in England.  Later after his family move to America, he began playing the violin. As a grade school student he played may sports, never quite finding the one he favored.  His first exposure to Martial Arts however, was in, Guyana South America. Here was the beginning of what will be a lifelong activity. Later his family returned back to America. While pursuing a B.S. degree in Biochemistry at the University of Maryland he was first exposed to Isshinryu karate. Under Sensei’s Dr. Wells and Sensei Ron Klingner, he began studying Isshinryu Karate.  After college he worked in a Biotech Lab in White Flint, MD, before getting a job with the Department of Defense. The Dojo later moved to Ellicott City, MD. He competed frequently in local tournaments and amassed a few trophies.  At that time he was invited to workout at Pencak Silat at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, DC after their head instructor saw his performance at a local tournament. Here is ability to speak Indonesian b came very beneficial.  In 1997 He made his first trip to Okinawa with a shorinryu karate school. Here he met many shorinryu masters and trained with the Okinawan sparing team, before they competed in the Okinawan Karate Kobudo World Tournament.  He was also very fortunate to be introduced to Sensei Hovey who introduced him to other Isshinryu karatekas that were there on that trip. He also received a letter of appreciation from Kinichi Miyagi (the mayor of Urasoe City) for the promotion of international exchange activities in Urasoe city by his participation in traditional Okinawan Karate.  In 1997 his job took him to Japan where he lived in Sagamihara-shi – a suburb of Tokyo. There he taught in a Japanese Karate school in Zama (Zama High school) and on Atsugi Naval air base where his students were mainly Japanese.  His knowledge of the Chinese language helped with is work here, but he began to study Japanese to make easier to communicate in day to day activities. He had the opportunity to travel to Okinawa where he trained with Master Uezo for a week of intense training.   He developed an affinity for sparing which pushed him to work out with many different styles and with some of the best fighters he could meet.  While in Japan he also began studying Tai Chi at Camp Zama. In 2001 he returned to the U.S. and his old Dojo in MD. When Sensei Klingner retired, Eamonn took over as lead instructor and moved the school (to Ft Davis) closer to home. He recently studied Yang style Tai Chi under Dr. Dawn Li. He received a fifth degree black belt from Master Kichiro Shimabuku 10th Dan (IWKA) in 2003, and has now been promoted to Godan (5th degree). He has also provided self defense classes for the Defense Logistic agency (DOD) and assisted them with their Asian pacific month activities. He now teaches in DC and provides yearly free women’s self defense classes in July to the public. Eamonn other hobbies are Tai chi, Salsa dancing and Ballroom dancing. He is still very active in violin playing with his teacher and plays a couple group recitals yearly.